Development, Planning

CAD- supported projecting. Completion of complex tasks with our own construction department. 

Feasibility analysis, value analysis, FEM- analysis.

  • CNC- programming systems Coscom Profi CAM, Solid Mill and Index H200
  • ERP system Infor with Edifact interface
  • 3DCAD system Solid Works
  • Interfaces: Step, IGS, dxf, dwg, Pro-E, SAT, stl, cgr
  • Rapid Prototyping

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CNC- turning milling center

Over 50 CNC- turning milling center with up to 11 axes treat your complex work piece with all-round Turning ad milling options

  • Off the rack up to Ø 90 mm
  • In lining up to Ø 800 mm 
  • maximal turning length 1000 mm
  • Hard turning to 65 HR
  • Mirror face turning 
  • Inner groove milling with a roughness depth of Ra < 0,2

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15 CNC- machining center

15 CNC- machining center, 3-, 4- and 5-axial provide an effective and efficient treatment.

  • 5- axial simultaneously up to max. . x/y/z 850x700x500mm
  • CNC- rotary table up to Ø 800 mm
  • 8-way pallets milling centre with 180 tools x/y/z 630x630x560 mm
  • High-frequency milling up to 45000 min-1
  • Hard milling up to 65 HR
  • Diamond milling < RZ 1µm

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Grinding, Lapping

The final polish of your components for optimal dimension- and contouring accuracies.

  • Flat grinding x/y/z 1200x450x500 mm
  • Round grinding up to Ø 350 mm
  • Surface lapping

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Wire Cutting

Wire Cutting, Tempering

For extremely small cutting widths of the work pieces, even with large-scale material thickness.

  • 4 CNC- Wire cutting-machines, movement range x/y/z 630x400x160 mm
  • 2 annealing furnaces 1350x1450x2000 mm (TxBxH), temperature max: 650° C

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For optimal dimension- and contouring accuracies

  • Honing up to Ø 90 mm

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Surface Technology

Coated with highly decorative Eloxal

  • Glass bead blasting
  • Corundum blasting
  • Stainless/steel cast blasting
  • Sliding-surface grinding/ Polishing
  • Dimensionally stable anodizing in IT6- quality – Blue staining
  • Stainless steel passivating

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Other Services

Labelling and Installing

The Assembling of your components and optical systems take place under cleanroom conditions of category ISO 14644-1:ISO category 5 

  • CNC- Laser marking machines x/y/z 600x400x300 mm
  • CNC- engraving machines x/y/z 200x200x180 mm

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Quality assurance

7 CNC- and 3 hand-operated measuring machines, 6 measuring microscopes

  • Zeiss Accura VAST Gold scanning x/y/z 900x1200x700 mm
  • Zeiss Prismo VAST scanning System x/y/z 900x2400x650 mm
  • Zeiss Prismo VAST rotary table x/y/z
  • Zeiss VISTA x/y/z 400x500x350 mm
  • Zeiss C400 x/y/z 450x380x300 mm
  • Mitutoyo Crysta Apex V9106 x/y/z 700x600x600 mm
  • 5 measuring microscopes UWM digital with rotary table
  • Calibration equipment BueCa/Calypso CAD-Offline Planner
  • Roughness depth measuring machines/ Form testing machine
  • Garant MM1 300 CNC 2x
  • Garant MM1 300 1x

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